Your Workplace Flu Vaccination solution in Sydney

Show your commitment to employee well-being and enhance productivity by providing flu shots at work. Speak with our Flu Vaccination Sydney experts today.

Influenza is a very contagious illness that negatively impacts businesses and the general health of an entire workforce. Flu viruses that spread in Australia each year have high mutation rates, making annual corporate flu vaccinations necessary. We’re here to help ensure staff protection and keep your business running during the flu season. Let our Flu Vaccination Sydney team come to you!

Comprehensive Workplace Flu Vaccinations Service

Australian businesses can hold seamless employee flu shots or wellness programs without anything to worry about. You get to:

  • Book your program online. Simply connect to the web and breeze your way through our custom-built online booking system.
  • Experience streamlined onsite flu vaccinations. Employees receive immunisation in between work hours without interrupting your daily operation.
  • Enjoy convenient services. Staff members who miss their flu jabs at work can have their shot at any of our partner chemists in Sydney by redeeming our online Flu Vouchers.
  • Have peace of mind. Specialist nurses will safely administer up-to-date influenza vaccines recommended by the World Health Organization.
  • Spend nothing on marketing. We’ve got you covered with complimentary promotional tools for maximum awareness and participation.

Flu Vaccination is the foremost provider of quality yet affordable flu jab services in Sydney metro and NSW. We offer the best prices in our commitment to bring all the benefits flu vaccinations have on workplaces and employee health. Call us today to get a quote for your organisation.


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