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A reliable, professional partner

If you want to ensure that your employees are safeguarded from potential influenza outbreaks, you should provide them with access to safe corporate immunisations. We tailor our campaigns to suit your needs and goals, thereby ensuring that your business receives high immunisation rates. We have a team of trained, professional nurses at our disposal, meaning you’ll have access to high-quality personnel and immunisations.

Convenient and efficient

Our commitment to efficiency is one aspect of our business that differentiates us from the rest. To save you time and money, we’ll send a team of nurses who can set up a temporary clinic for workplace flu vaccinations in your Sydney office. This means your employees won’t need to do anything special except come to work that day and receive their jab during their allotted time.

Remote immunisations

If in-house immunisations can’t be offered or won’t work, we are more than happy to deliver immunisation vouchers to your employees. Firstly, get in touch with someone from our team to discuss your plan’s specific needs, such as how many coupons you need, which chemist partners you wish to work with and other necessary details. Once we have this information, we’ll devise a quote for you, accounting for all costs.

If you are happy with the quote provided, we can provide you with vouchers (think of them as promo codes), which your staff can redeem at a participating chemist/pharmacy in their area. They’ll organise an appointment there and receive their workplace flu vaccination from a Sydney pharmacist or medical centre. chemist or pharmacist.

When should I organise my workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney?

The answer to this question should follow common sense. Getting vaccinated in the summer makes little sense since your immunity and protection might have worn off completely when the cold season comes around in winter.

According to the Australian Government’s health advice, your immunity is at its most pronounced in the 3-4 months after you receive the jab. Because Australia’s influenza season runs from June to September, most health practitioners recommend getting your workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney organised for April or May.

Not all my staff want to be immunised. What should I do?

While the current evidence overwhelmingly supports the use of immunisations against most diseases, some individuals are hesitant to receive the jab. Regardless of why the person might be against immunisations, there are some ways you could convince more people to receive the injection. Check out some of the information on government websites regarding the efficacy of immunisations, how they work and why they are safe. While forcing them to receive the jab might come across as authoritative to some, giving them resources to understand the process will go a long way.

How effective are workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney?

In general, the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine varies between 30-60%. In other words, on average, a vaccinated employee is 30-60% less likely to attend a GP or be hospitalised with the flu

We strongly recommend that all adults receive workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney annually. This is because the virus can have long-term effects on some people and, in some cases, can result in hospitalisation. While hospitalisation rates may seem relatively low, encouraging more people to receive a shot will collectively lower the strain on our healthcare system.

Immunisation updates

Because of mutations to the influenza virus, immunisation changes every year. This is why receiving an annual jab is critical to maintaining higher societal immunity rates and reducing hospitalisations. If you are concerned about allergies or changes to the immunisations’ content, check out the latest recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Each year the WHO will update these recommendations to ensure everyone has access to the newest information.

Are you interested in workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney?

So, if you think your business would benefit from corporate immunisations, feel free to contact someone from our team. We’ll be able to clarify any concerns or queries you might have about the process (whether it is related to on-site or off-site immunisation), costs, effectiveness, safety and delivery. Call us on 1300 79 74 10 for more details and information.




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We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...