Your Flu Vaccination Partner in Newcastle and the Hunter Region

No one can tell how bad the flu season can get. Book with today’s trusted Flu Vaccination Newcastle provider to get the best protection at the best price!

Flu Vaccination is known for creating successful corporate flu vaccination programs in Newcastle and the Hunter region. Our Flu shot programs in Newcastle return the benefits of flu vaccinations a multifold. Healthy employees make happy employees who do quality work on days they are expected to come in. Overall workplace productivity increases staff morale and reduces instances of unplanned absences.

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Photo by joe.lipson – Flu Vaccination programs in Newcastle and the Hunter region

Efficient Administration of Flu Vaccines in Newcastle and the Hunter

Save valuable time with a professional team to manage your employee flu vaccination. Flu jabs at work are flexible to fit busy schedules. Your staff can resume working soon after receiving their flu jab from the immunisation nurses. In case they miss it, employees can receive a flu voucher to have their flu shot at participant local chemist partners.

Onsite flu vaccination services come with free marketing material to create awareness and get everyone involved. The more people who choose to get immunised with the flu vaccine, the less likelihood of the disease to spread, and the healthier your work environment becomes.

For more information on how to stay protected during the flu season, speak with our Flu consultant to organise your mobile flu program. You can count on our knowledgeable team to give the most helpful information and the best-priced workplace vaccination package. Fill out the online form or call us on 1300 79 74 10 to book your clinic.



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