New strains of flu emerge every year. That’s why it is highly recommended to implement annual flu vaccinations for employers in Wollongong and the South Coast.

The latest flu vaccines are designed to protect against the mutated viruses. In our commitment to inhibit the spread of influenza, Flu Vaccinations Australia extends services to the Gong.

Our Flu shot programs in Wollongong brings the substantial benefits flu vaccination have on health and business.


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Photo by Tim J Keegan – Flu Vaccinations in Wollongong

Our employee flu jab program in Wollongong

We are the top choice of Australian companies who expect nothing but the best service.

  • Australia-Wide Presence. Regardless of your company’s location and size, we’ll come to your place and take care of everything for you!
  • Free Online Booking. Schedule your flu jab at work, book nationwide services, or make your appointment via the website.
  • WHO-recommended Flu Vaccines. We stay updated on the latest flu vaccination news to provide your staff with timely and appropriate influenza shots.
  • Free Promo Materials. Encourage participation in corporate flu vaccinations by educating and informing about influenza. We make marketing easy for employers with complimentary promotional tools.
  • Simple Invoicing System. Employers receive only one invoice for in-office flu vaccinations and flu shots administered at our local chemist partners.



Flu vaccinations at work enables your workforce to get immunised within the premises for the highest efficiency. Trained and experienced nurses provide safe and fast services so employees can resume work soon after the flu jab is given.

We have collaborated with local pharmacists and clinics across the country to administer flu vaccines to those unable to attend the scheduled onsite flu vaccination. Your staff can redeem the flu shots using the flu vouchers we provide.


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