Workplace Flu Vaccinations made easy

We run paperless flu shot programs at work in Australia and New Zealand

It is the time of the year to think about Flu Vaccinations. Our 2022 flu season is around the corner, and it may be time to book your flu shot.

The widespread influenza virus drastically impacts any business in Australia and New Zealand.

Flu is nasty, and it is not the same as the common cold, and those who are sick typically require several days off from work.

The otherwise healthy individuals would have to take on the added workload, which often translates to unhappy employees. Nothing can be more devastating for a company owner than to witness this decline in health and workplace productivity.

By holding a workplace Flu Vaccination program, you can significantly reduce employee absenteeism and boost staff morale.

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Flu Vaccinations at work.



Why Book With your flu shots with us?

First of all, we are professional Healthcare providers. Our reputation results from years of experience in the corporate health and wellbeing world. We have been on and off the field and are trusted by hundreds of clients in all States and Territories.


End-to-End Project Management.

Let us do the hard work; our immunisation team will see to every aspect of the program, which includes planning, employee online booking, providing attendance reports, and waste disposal.


Highly-Experienced Immunisation Team.

Our immunisation nurses have completed an approved immunisation training program and are all registered with AHPRA. Our Flu team will expertly administer the flu shots during your on-site flu vaccination clinic.


Online Flu Booking System.

Schedule your corporate flu vaccination program online and forget about papers or excel files. Whether you’re running a small business or managing larger organisations throughout the country, we can easily customise our flu programs to meet your needs. We use our own safe and secure Flu Software; we do not use third-parties software.


Competitive and transparent pricing.

We offer competitive workplace flu vaccination rates, complimentary marketing tools, and flu vouchers for cost-effective vaccination solutions.


Australia Wide Coverage.

We deliver excellent mobile vaccination services in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Central Coast, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, New Zealand, Perth, Tasmania, Wollongong, and other national regions.

Over 2,000 pharmacy partners to get your flu shot.

Some workers may be sick or on leave, and some are working from home or on the road, so not everyone will be able to make it to the on-site flu vaccination clinic. As a result, our voucher program may be beneficial to your firm. Thousands of pharmacies are available via our site.


We are taking bookings for the upcoming flu season, and you can contact us anytime on 1300 79 74 10 or simply complete the below form.



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We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
Information such as the number of sites/locations, number of employees, number of vouchers needed or information from previous flu programs is important to us.
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...
We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...