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Maintaining the health and hygiene of your workplace is essential in minimising productivity disruptions and improving company culture! Get in touch with the team at Flu Vaccinations Australia for help.

Who we are

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of corporate flu shot programs. Our comprehensive supply chain and innovative network mean we successfully operate across many of Australia’s major cities, including:

Our corporate flu shots

We run reliable and safe immunisation schemes across Australia and New Zealand. We handle everything end-to-end, such as accessing your booking, promotional material, and other necessary paperwork.

Does it change every year?

Every year, the World Health Organisation provides a list of recommendations regarding future immunisations and variations to the influenza virus. Consequently, corporate flu shots may change from year to year. You’ll need to organise new immunisations each year for your employees while encouraging hygiene policies in the workplace.

Why should you work with an immunisation provider?

There are many great reasons you should work with us as your provider of corporate flu shots. Here are some of the most cited benefits:

Workplace culture

2020 wasn’t exactly a great year for business. Most companies were forced to adapt to remote working schedules, communicating across Zoom and other remote channels. What 2020 proved, however, is the value of workplace culture. As an employer, you want your staff to feel empowered and valuable to the enterprise, which means doing things beyond work. Each year, providing your employees with corporate flu shots reflects your commitment to workplace health, hygiene, and safety.

Enhanced herd immunity

In addition, corporate flu vaccinations can increase herd immunity, especially if you have great immunisation rates. Building immunity in the workplace will help your employees feel safe and comfortable working in the office. If you’re concerned about some employees refusing to be immunised, ensure you provide them with information about the efficacy and safety of corporate flu shots. Ensure they understand that the jab is safe and excellent for the community. Thousands of influenza-related deaths occur in Australia every year, so protecting the most vulnerable against the virus is crucial.

Flu vouchers

We also provide more convenient pathways for our clients to be immunised. These flu shot vouchers are designed for people who cannot attend an immunisation clinic in person. These corporate flu shots can be administered away from the office, which we can organise and coordinate because of our expansive chemist/pharmacist network. Thankfully, we have over 2,000 chemist partners across Australia and New Zealand.

2020 proved how crucial off-site corporate flu vaccinations could be. Millions of people were forced into remote learning/working, so access to medical treatment was significantly impeded. Our immunisation vouchers mean you (as an employer) can ensure that your workers can get immunised at a convenient location (local pharmacy or participant GP) at a time that works for them.

Paperless and modern corporate flu shot programs

When you organise corporate flu shots onsite with us, you will have access to our influenza software (no third-parties software) to manage and monitor the progress of your health and wellbeing program. We aim to streamline our corporate flu vaccination schedule to reduce our client’s admin time. Below are some features our clients enjoy when booking corporate flu shot programs with us.

  • Easy scheduling
  • Online bookings
  • SMS/email reminders
  • Save the date to your favourite calendar
  • Influenza immunisation certificates
  • Immediate upload of each flu encounter to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
  • Change bookings
  • Monitor uptake
  • Automated promotional material

Employee health and wellbeing

Our corporate flu vaccinations include free access (optional) to Twin Hub. Twin Hub is a health and wellbeing digital platform that helps employees and employers identify their risk of developing ill health in the future. Through this innovative health software, we offer our corporate flu clients a suite of 12 assessments (physical and mental health). Below you will find the assessments our clients have access to.

  • TwinHub assessment score
  • Anxiety
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Alcohol
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Lung
  • Cardiovascular
  • Energy
  • Financial

Knowing the symptoms

Likewise, your workers must understand this disease’s typical symptoms and what they need to do about it. Like COVID-19, the influenza virus is contagious and can spread incredibly quickly through workplaces, hospitality venues and public transport. If you have any of the following symptoms, you should stay home and visit your GP:

  • Sneezing
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Chills/Sweats
  • Muscle and joint pain

Stopping a potential outbreak in your workplace is essential unless you want to experience weeks of potential productivity losses and stifled efficiency. Scheduling a series of corporate flu shot programs for your workplace (onsite and off-site) will ensure that your staff are protected and ready to work.


Did you know that the influenza virus can be easily transmitted by coughing, talking and sneezing? The infected individual may spread the illness via droplets that come into contact with another person’s nose, mouth or eyes.

Receive reports and updates

It’s natural for you to want to know who is getting immunised and the relative percentages. As each worker books their appointment, they will receive an SMS update and reminder to ensure they know where they are meant to be and when. As the program coordinator, you will also receive updates showing attendance rates, giving you an idea of what percentage of your workforce has received the immunisation. The higher the rate is, the better.


Influenza Strains for the Southern Hemisphere

Each year, the World Health Organisation sends out a list of recommendations to the Southern Hemisphere regarding the formulation of its influenza vaccines. Below is a video explaining how the WHO recommends the flu vaccine strains for the season.



Naturally, you want what is best for your employees and your business. Corporate flu vaccinations have become essential due to the renewed focus on health and physical hygiene in the public and the workplace. Protecting your staff is your primary responsibility as an employer, so live up to that role and organise corporate flu shot with our firm today!




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We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...

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