Your Flu Vaccination Partner in Canberra (ACT)

Looking for a proven way to lower absenteeism rates and boost workplace productivity? Book the best Flu Vaccination Canberra (ACT) program today to see results!

Businesses in Canberra know very well that good health is the cornerstone of happy and productive employees. Corporate flu vaccinations offer the best protection against viruses that can potentially hit businesses hard during the flu season. Our Flu Vaccination programs in the ACT are guaranteed to meet your company’s needs regardless of size or location.


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Complete Project Management by Flu Vaccination involves:


  • Convenient booking procedures. You can easily fill out our online form or have a Flu Vaccination Canberra specialist arrange a nationwide workplace flu vaccination program for your organisation.
  • The latest flu vaccines in accordance with WHO recommendations. Flu Vaccinations Australia utilises up-to-date influenza vaccine formulations for yearly flu vaccination programs.
  • A dedicated team of practitioners. Our highly-experienced, qualified nurses will bring the flu shots to your workplace. Employees can immediately return to their duties after getting their flu shots at work.
  • Free promotional and marketing materials. Encourage staff involvement by spreading the word about your wellness event and informing employees why everyone should get a flu shot.
  • Flu vouchers for partner-site vaccinations. Our online flu vouchers are particularly helpful for those unable to attend employee flu vaccination day and staff who are always on-the-go.
  • A single invoicing system, for both onsite and off-site flu jabs.


Maximum protection from the effects of influenza can be attained when a majority of employees, if not all, are able to receive a timely immunisation. Flu Vaccination serves major Australian cities and suburbs including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Darwin and more. Call 1300 79 74 10 to speak with a Flu vaccination Canberra consultant and partake in preventing the spread of influenza in your office!


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