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Get maximum protection from the effects of the flu. Come to us for workplace Flu Vaccination Adelaide solutions tailored to every business

Flu Vaccination Australia is the trusted name when it comes to corporate flu vaccinations. We provide Flu shots at work in Adelaide with stellar commitment in line with our main goal of minimizing the spread of influenza. Holding an employee flu vaccination in preparation for the height of the flu season effectively reduces risks of becoming infected and virus transmission. Business risks linked to high absenteeism rates and low productivity are likewise lessened.


How Our Corporate Flu Vaccinations Work

Every organisation is different, but our services remain consistent as to quality and convenience. You can expect exceptional service from the time you get your free quote until the end of your flu wellness event.

Our professional team of immunisation nurses will come to your office, set up for onsite flu vaccinations, and administer flu jabs to your employees with the highest efficiency. Your staff can quickly get back to their designated work after getting their flu shot.

If you prefer, we can distribute flu vouchers that can be redeemed at our partner chemists and clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Only one invoice will be delivered to you even if you opt for offsite flu shots.

Our mobile flu vaccination clinics come with free marketing material. We aim to get everyone involved in annual flu vaccinations towards the optimal protection of each employee and overall business health. We stay up to date with the latest recommendations by the World Health Organization and flu vaccination suppliers. Quality vaccines give the best protection against influenza, while timely provisioning of flu shots at work returns the most benefits out of flu vaccinations.

Please click below or call us on 1300 79 74 10. A Flu Vaccination Adelaide specialist can schedule your employee flu vaccination and arrange a nationwide flu shot program for your business.


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