Central Coast Flu vaccination

Take action before the flu season starts! Make sure your staff receives the latest influenza vaccines on your Flu Vaccination Central Coast wellness event.

Your Flu Vaccination Partner in the Central Coast

Peak flu season causes a spike in unplanned absences and a drastic decline in workplace productivity. In almost every organisation, one out of four employees gets infected with the influenza virus. Annual Flu Vaccinations in Central Coast (Gosford, Woy Woy, Tuggerah, Wyong…) programs serve as the first line of defence against the contagious disease.

Professional Flu Vaccination Staff at Your Service

At Flu Vaccination, both businesses and employees gain the benefits of flu vaccinations. We make certain that every workplace flu vaccination or company wellness program goes smoothly as planned through complete project management.

Up-to-date flu vaccines are safely administered by our very own specialist nurses during onsite flu vaccinations. We also have flu voucher option to visit a trusted flu partner (chemist or GP clinic), which is ideal for small site offices or simply for those unable to attend the flu shot program at work. Employees can simply go to any of our partner clinics and pharmacists to get the flu jab at their most convenient time.

Preparedness is key to effectively combat the ill-effects of seasonal flu. Book your nationwide corporate flu vaccination today and our team of Flu Vaccination Central Coast professionals will come to you!




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