Your Flu Vaccination Partner in North Sydney

Influenza is a potentially serious illness that can be prevented. Protect your employees with the help of our specialist flu vaccination North Sydney services.

New strains of flu emerge every year. The influenza virus continues to pose risks to North Sydney businesses and individual employee health. Corporate flu vaccinations are key to protecting your workforce against the highly contagious illness.

Our mobile Flu vaccination programs in North Sydney and surrounding areas (Manly, Frenchs Forrest, Mosman, North Shore, etc…)  offer the best way to reduce sick leaves, increase staff morale and improve overall workplace productivity.


Employee Flu Vaccinations in North Sydney made easy: 

  • You have the assurance of vaccine quality and safety: Flu Vaccination utilizes up-to-date flu vaccine formulations recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to effectively protect against influenza viruses. Our highly-experienced specialist immunisation nurses will ensure proper administration of the safest flu vaccines on each employee. 
  • Onsite and/or Off-site Flu shots: We can set up within your business premises to give in-office flu shots. Your staff can get back to their respective duties soon after they receive it. If flu vaccinations at work aren’t feasible, you can opt for flu vouchers so employees can get their influenza jab from our participant partner chemists.
  • All workplace flu vaccinations go smoothly as planned: Employers find our online bookings, complimentary marketing material and simple single-invoice process very convenient. Dedicated professionals will handle the different aspects of your program, including scheduling, and waste disposal among other things.


Flu Vaccination makes every corporate and wellness program a success. To learn more about the many benefits flu vaccinations provide and how we make employer-initiated flu shots easy for North Sydney businesses, call 1300 797410 or simply click below.




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