Employee Flu Vaccinations in Australia and New Zealand


The influenza virus or ‘flu’ is responsible for thousands of hospitalisations and deaths in Australia. It costs businesses millions in lost revenue and absenteeism. It’s highly contagious, which means it can easily spread at work and in the community. Once caught, an employee will need at least a few weeks to make a full recovery.


It’s in your best interest to include flu vaccinations in your corporate health program. Call a professional corporate flu vaccination provider to lessen the chances of a sick and unproductive workforce.


What Are The Benefits of Flu Jabs For Employees? 

  • Improved employee well-being 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Lower absenteeism rates 
  • Guard against the continually evolving form of the flu


Prevention is still the best way to combat the flu. We recommend having up-to-date immunisation shots each year, so you’re covered by the latest strains. Our team is always available for workplace vaccination services beginning March to stop the flu season, which peaks during winter.


Flu Vaccination - Influenza Virus


We’ve made it easier to book your employee flu vaccination by using our online booking system. Clients get automatic email reminders and calendar integration for convenience (currently in development).


By themselves, flu vaccines do not contain living viral strains. The World Health Organization publishes a list of dominant strains each year, from which the Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee or AIVC selects and implements to the general public. 


Protect your employees by scheduling an employee flu vaccination today!


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